The team at VE has developed a number of new techniques and technologies to aid in real-time water quality monitoring through the use of telemetry. VE are able to provide telemetered physicochemical data loggers, PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) or light loggers, and ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling) loggers, or a combination of parameters. Telemetry configurations are specifically designed for each individual project and consist of the one or more combinations of the following, encompassing dual or multiple sondes:

  • Surface
  • Cabled benthic
  • Acoustic benthic (non-cabled up to 300 m)

As data transmission is as equally important as the collection itself, VE has developed a process of transmission, download, automated data-deconfounding, data verification and reporting through FTP sites and specifically designed Cloud databases, which can be tailored for each client. Through the use of a real time SMART algorithm and replicate sondes, VE have a greater than 97% validated data recovery rate (e.g. instantly usable real time data or data after raw data has been deconfounded) for telemetered physicochemical data across several projects. This includes data from over 35 individual sites (surface and benthic) over a period ranging up to four years.

The ability to view data updated every 30 min on client secure individually designed web sites and smart phone apps provides our clients with a greater level of confidence in the monitoring being undertaken. Real time data management and reporting is critical to the success of any project, particularly where regulatory involvement is concerned.

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