Our Services


VE have vessels, specialised equipment, dedicated laboratories and technical expertise to carry out a range of projects with experience in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of water and ecological monitoring programs
  • Water quality telemetry station design, development, implementation and maintenance
  • Water quality monitoring, including compliance monitoring for construction activities, dredge events and receiving waters, and ambient monitoring programs
  • Sediment quality assessment and sedimentation rates
  • Ecological assessments (mangroves, sea grass, invertebrates, fish and coral)
  • Underwater surveys through underwater drones (ROVs) and commercial diver assessment
  • Habitat mapping and production of GIS maps
  • Marine pest surveys
  • Rigorous statistical assessment including univariate and multivariate analyses
  • Air quality monitoring, including dust fallout deposition, directional dust monitoring, odour sampling, indoor air and occupational modelling and more – delivered through our Trinity network
  • Industrial and urban noise and vibration, including EIS and environmental permits, development application reports, computational modelling, assessments and more – delivered through our Trinity network
  • Environmental management systems, environmental auditing and legislative compliance.