Featured projects

Water quality monitoring for port maintenance

Client: Gladstone Ports Corporation | When: Annually. 2014 – current

As a long-term environmental partner at the Port of Gladstone, VE ANZ provides the port with comprehensive water quality monitoring services.

Our work includes telemetered water quality and benthic photosynthetic active radiation (BPAR); water quality grab sampling; and sediment coring, ecological assessments and sample analysis by NATA accredited lab; daily compliance reports; real-time data and alerts; secure dashboard including meteorological data inputs; and a comprehensive final report submitted to regulators.


Water quality monitoring at Lyttelton Port

Client: Lyttelton Port Corporation (LPC) | When: Annually. 2020 – current

VE ANZ’s partnership with LPC extends back to 2016, when we led water quality monitoring and related environmental services for their five-year Channel Deepening project – New Zealand’s largest ever dredge campaign.

Continuing to support the port now in its annual maintenance dredging, VE ANZ provides telemetered water quality and monitoring of currents at the offshore spoil disposal site.

Throughout the three-month campaign, VE ANZ delivers daily compliance reports, real-time data and alerts, and the ability to view data on our customised secure dashboard website, including meteorological data.

Monitoring mangrove habitats in Papua New Guinea

Client: Papua New Guinea (PNG) Joint Downstream Development Project/Tetratech Coffey | When: 2011, 2014, 2019, 2022, 2023

VE ANZ regularly assesses mangrove forest structure and health indicators for this PNG development project.

Following a period of onsite field monitoring, we provide a comprehensive report including temporal and spatial statistical analysis of mangrove community parameters. We also produce high-resolution maps of mangrove community composition and areas of change.

Finally, after each period of monitoring is completed, we establish future monitoring strategies to ensure high standards of ongoing environmental management at and around the project site.


Environmental monitoring and equipment maintenance

Client: Queensland Alumina | When: Weekly. 2015 – current

VE ANZ implements an ongoing receiving environment monitoring program for Queensland Alumina that includes water quality, mangrove, sediment and biological monitoring. We also undertake data collation and statistical analysis of complex datasets for compliance reporting purposes.

In addition, VE ANZ operates, uses and maintains Queensland Alumina’s monitoring equipment for freshwaters, marine waters and groundwaters. This work includes routine calibration, regular maintenance activity and equipment troubleshooting. We design, purchase, construct and commission new equipment, including telemetered devices, as required.


Compliance monitoring of groundwater, surface water, leachate and soil

Client: Gladstone Regional Council | When: As required. 2013 – current

VE ANZ undertakes design, documentation, modification and review of environmental management plans for the Gladstone Regional Council including receiving environment monitoring plans, construction environmental management plans, site-based management plans, and irrigation management plans, among others.

We also conduct monitoring of groundwater bores, surface water, leachate and soil at a variety of wastewater treatment plants and recreational areas in the Gladstone region.

We provide reports for submission to regulators, which include comparison with local water quality objectives and recommendations for future monitoring strategies. 


Receiving environment monitoring

Client: ConocoPhillips | When: 2017 – current

VE ANZ runs biannual monitoring of the marine receiving environment, including collecting water samples for analysis by analytical lab and depth profiling of physicochemical parameters. 

We also run annual monitoring of mangrove habitats adjacent to the site / in the receiving environment.

We provide a comprehensive annual report for submission to regulators. Our report includes temporal, spatial and tidal statistical analysis of data, comparison with site-specific trigger values and local water quality objectives, and recommendations for future monitoring strategies.


Receiving environment and groundwater monitoring

Client: Shell/Queensland Gas Company | When: 2015 – current

VE ANZ conducts quarterly monitoring of the marine receiving environment, including collection of water samples for analysis by analytical lab and depth profiling of physicochemical parameters. We prepare a comprehensive annual report comparing conditions to appropriate water quality objectives.

VE ANZ also undertakes biannual monitoring of mangrove habitats adjacent to the site / in the receiving environment. Again, we provide comprehensive reports, statistically analysing spatial and temporal changes ion the habitat.

Further, we conduct annual monitoring of groundwater on site, preparing a report that compares conditions to appropriate water quality objectives and incorporates data into a conceptual site model.