Water quality monitoring

Our team of full-time research staff uses dedicated laboratory facilities, specialised field equipment and a fleet of commercial vessels to provide readily mobilised field technical services.

Our water quality monitoring experience covers diverse projects and industries throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Our water quality expertise includes:

  • Construction (including capital and maintenance dredge) monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Design and implementation of water quality (WQMP) and receiving environment (REMP) monitoring plans
  • Monitoring the short- and long-term impacts of acute environmental events.


Customised monitoring stations

We build customised water quality monitoring stations for each client and project. Monitoring stations can be telemetered (real-time data provision) or autonomously logging. Stations can be located anywhere, including between the water column surface to the seabed.

Using our modular buoys, a variety of different loggers and parameters can be measured including:

  • Physicochemical parameters, such as temperature, pH, salinity/conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity
  • Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)
  • Waves and ADCP features, such as currents, turbulence and acoustic scattering
  • Depth and atmospheric pressure
  • Sedimentation (benthic stations).


Data management and dashboards

We are also experts in data. Project managers rely upon our user-friendly, cloud-based software solutions that facilitate 24/7 proactive environmental management.

  • Telemetered data is automatically deconfounded via the use of a real-time SMART algorithm in our specifically designed cloud databases, which can be tailored for each client.
  • Clients have the ability to view updated data after every field reading via our secure dashboard website. Data can be automatically compared to trigger values, and alerts sent to custom lists.
  • Real-time meteorological data and vessel movements can also be linked to the database for client viewing.
  • Clients can also receive a customised daily email report including validated data compared to compliance triggers, meteorological data and tidal data, which is suitable for viewing by regulators, if desired.
  • Greater than 98% validated data recovery rate for telemetered physicochemical data from more than 70 individual sites over periods up to four years.

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