Our People

VE has a proven track record and is committed to delivering high quality and timely services to our regional, national and international clients. The involvement of our experts in the fields of water quality management, ecology and ecotoxicology, allows for seamless design, implementation and execution to address complex environmental problems.


Dr Leonie Andersen

Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Masters Environmental Science · A founding Director of VE · Over 15 years of experience in marine environmental monitoring and project management · Assistant Project Leader Coastal CRC 2000 – 2006 · Coordinator of PCIMP 2006 – 2011 · Member of the SEWPAC appointed Dredge Technical Reference Panel for the WBDDP 2009 – 2014




Dr Felicity Melville

Bachelor of Science(Hons), PhD · A founding Director of VE · Specialist in HSEQ systems and staff/project management ·15 years of experience in environmental assessment particularly intertidal ecosystems · Certified Environmental and Quality Management System auditor· Previous involvement with CSIRO and NSW EPA· Published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles in international publications

Environmental Specialist

Dr Ralph Alquezar

Bachelor of Science first class honours, PhD · 15 years of experience in marine ecology/ecotoxicology/community assessment · Managed several regional, national and international projects · Skilled GIS · Qualified Rescue and Research diver · Deputy Director at CEM, CQUniversity Australia 2008 – 2011 · Published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles


Marine Operations Manager

Col Andersen

Qualified tradesperson · Coxswain with long standing background in the maritime industry · 25 years of experience in team management · Building and construction and metals process industries · Marine Parks Officer · Productivity and HSEQ control · Vessel operations and fleet maintenance

Senior Environmental Officer/R&D Manager

Carsten Wolff

Bachelor Science (Hons) (PhD to submit) · Marine invertebrate taxonomist/ecologist and ADAS 1 VE dive member · Led national and international biodiversity surveys, research expeditions of shallow and deep-water marine fauna (0–3000m) · Lead Curator AIMS- Authored approximately 30 international, peer-reviewed journal articles since 1997 – Instrumental in the design and construction of VE telemetered monitoring equipment.



Senior Environmental Officer

Lucy Georgiou

BSc (Hons) Marine and Coastal Ecology, MSc in Paleontology, PhD · Specialisations: coral physiology and ecology, marine geochemistry, benthic and epibenthic communities, offshore and intertidal fieldwork · Before moving to Australia in 2012 to complete her PhD, Lucy worked as an environmental consultant in the UK on a variety of industry projects, including the baseline survey for the East Anglia Windfarm.

Senior Environmental Officer

Dr Mark Jensen

Bachelor of Aquaculture (Hons) PhD and VE Dive team member · Several years’ experience in consultancy undertaking field work ranging from water quality to habitat surveys, sediment sampling, aquaculture lease baseline surveys and ADCP · Post doc position at IMAS researching lobster aquaculture and publishing several peer reviewed papers.



Senior Environmental Officer

Anna Skillington

Bachelor Science (Hons.) & dual separate Masters degrees in coursework and research, specialising in contaminant uptake and seagrass · Many years’ experience working in varied environmental roles in both industry and research · Field sampling in a wide variety of marine environments · Published several peer reviewed papers and contributes significantly to high level report writing at VE.

Office Manager

Melissa Kalbitz



Environmental Officer

James Hayman

Bachelor of Environmental Management – University of the Sunshine Coast · VE dive team member · Involved in a range of field work including water quality monitoring, mangrove and coral surveys as well as deployment and retrieval of surface and benthic instrumentation · All round project support.





Images: Mike Richards, The Observer